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Emergency Service 24/7

“Being a part of the CDR has been life-changing. It allows for scalability to any size job without sacrificing our high standards of integrity and quality of work. The training and leadership provided by the Coalition of Disaster Responders have raised the bar for everyone in the industry. We trust coalition members with our reputation and work diligently to uphold the reputations of the great companies under the CDR banner. The CDR is like family and we are truly honored to be a part of it.”

“I was fortunate enough to join the CDR in 2017 and at the time I did not fully understand the impact it would have on my family and our company. We were a young company eager to learn and grow within the restoration industry and I can honestly say being a member has allowed us to do just that. This industry can be tough to navigate and grow for a small business, but what is so unique about the CDR is that you have a multitude of talent, knowledge and resources at your fingertips, which gives you the confidence to take on jobs that you may otherwise not feel ready to take on. I am humbled to be part of such an amazing group of restorers, or as I often refer to it, “FAMILY”

“My experience with my friends from CDR has been such a rewarding experience over the years. Over the past decade, we have helped countless amounts of people and businesses in their time of need. The coordination of resources from all over the country has allowed us to help people that may have not been able to find the help they needed. My colleagues have become brothers and sisters over the years and is something I cherish deeply. This has been an experience I have been honored to share over the better part of my career.”

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